Happy Memorial Day Weekend!


Spring is creeping to an end as Memorial Day weekend has finally arrived! For many, Memorial Day marks the unofficial beginning of summer.

Of course, the holiday weekend means much more to those who have dedicated their lives to our country. People will be gathering across the nation to join or watch Memorial Day parades and honor those who have served.

It’s a perfect three-day weekend to gather with loved ones and celebrate the return of summer weather. How will you be enjoying the weekend? Will there be a parade and many picnics and barbecues in your town?

We know you’re busy snatching up all those Memorial Day sales, so we want to help with a guide to throwing the perfect outdoor gathering!


Toting wine around is a breeze with these insulated wine bags! Artisan cheese and wine or beer make for a great grown-up appetizer.

  1. Pick a grassy spot in your favorite park, or a friend or family member’s backyard! Open areas allow for more fun and games for the kids and the grown-ups!
  2. Bring along yard games such as croquet, ladder toss, giant Connect Four, Cornhole bag toss, a giant Jenga tower, even Twister can be played outdoors and made even more fun by using different colored spray paint to make as big a Twister board in the grass as you want! Note, you’ll want to make sure the grass owner is OK with this before you begin.
  3. Remember the bug spray! There are many new natural options now on the market, so you don’t have to be covered with that classic bug spray smell. Search for one with lemongrass and eucalyptus and enjoy spa-like fragrances.
  4. Set the table – grab a brightly colored outdoor table-cloth at one of those Memorial Day sales, and don’t forget all the dressings!
  5. If you’re a guest, don’t show up empty-handed! Be sure to bring wine or beer to drink and share. (Hint: stop by your local WineStyles store and stock up for the weekend!

shutterstock_341453714Now the fun part – Choosing the right wine!

A sweet Moscato is easy to enjoy in warmer weather, and Pinot Noir is a great food-friendly choice. Don’t be afraid to go red, white, and blue with wine labels to help decorate the table!

But what pairs well with picnic favorites such as hot dogs and burgers?

CommunityTable has a few suggestions for us:

“Hot dogs and sausages come in lots of varieties, but one thing they have in common is that they are salty and hearty, so they need a wine with acid.”

So it’s best to choose wines with acidity and a touch of sweetness to get the perfect balancing act. CommunityTable recommends a Rosé, Pinot Blanc or Sangiovese.

“For steaks or burgers, you want a wine that’s equal to the meat in flavor and in weight, and that also has acidity to both cut through the fat and to cleanse the palate.” CommunityTable recommends a Rioja, Carménère, Cabernet Sauvignon or Brunello di Montalcino.

There you have it – the perfect recipe for a perfect Memorial Day weekend and celebration of summer!

Wishing you all a fun and safe Memorial Day weekend!


Thanks for reading,


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