November Beer Club: Iowa

Untitled Art Red Velvet Stout with red velvet cake slice

Untitled-Art-Red-Velvet-Stout-beer-canUntitled Art
Red Velvet Cake Stout
Waunakee, Wisconsin

Pastry stout made with cocoa nibs, coconut, beet juice for color, natural and artificial flavors.

ABV: 11.7% alcohol / volume
Style: Imperial Stout / Double Pastry

Beer Style at WineStyles: Dark and Roasty

Untitled-art-Mochi-mango-sour-cream-craft-beer-canUntitled Art
Collaboration with Great Notion
Mochi Mango Cream Sour
Waunakee, Wisconsin

Gluten free sour with passionfruit, mango and vanilla soft serve.

ABV: 6% alcohol / volume
Style: Gluten Free Sour

Beer Style at WineStyles: Sour, Tart & Funky

Untitled Art collaborates with different artists, friends, and breweries all around the world to produce drink concepts and styles that showcase their diverse work. From Sparkling Water to Craft Beer, every can or bottle is wrapped in artwork specifically made for that drink to create something you will love. Check them out on Untappd, or learn more about their company here.

RAR-reaper-beer-canRAR Brewing
Reaper Imperial Double IPA
Cambridge, Maryland

Imperial Double Indian Pale Ale with Amarillo and Azacca hops.

ABV: 8.3% alcohol / volume
Style: Double IPA

Beer Style at WineStyles: Hoppy and Bitter

Located on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay, RAR Brewing was founded in 2013 by a couple of local boys brewing local beers. The team built their brewery in an 80-year-old former pool hall and bowling alley producing 10 barrels of brews at a time all while maintaining the history of the building. Check them out on Untappd, or learn more about their company here.

lil-beavery-brewery-punkin-canLil Beaver Brewing
Punkin π Imperial Ale
Bloomington, Illinois

Who doesn’t love Pumpkin Pie? Well, most people that do, do enjoy it with whipped cream, which is the flavor experience Lil Beaver Brewing attempted to create with this brew. Only available once a year, don’t miss it!

ABV: 8.9% alcohol / volume
Style: Imperial Ale

Beer Style at WineStyles: Malty and Sweet

Years ago there was a young, eager Lil Beaver who enjoyed beer, but grew tired of the commercial offerings in his neck of the woods. After awhile, Chad Bevers (aka the Lil Beaver), decided it was time to hone in on his own beer making skills and start his own craft brewery – which opened in 2017. Check them out on Untappd, or learn more about their company here.

Photos and information © Untitled Art, RAR Brewing, and Lil Beaver Brewing – All Rights Reserved.


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