December Cheese Club: Iowa

Cheese ClubHeader_Siegel_Antique_Langruti_1400x600Lustenberger & Dürst: LeSuperbe
Antique Langrüti 1862
Gruyère AOP

Aged for 12+ months, this Alpine cheese is highly aromatic and full-bodied with plenty of character. The texture and mouthfeel are rich, granular, and firm with a crystalline tyrosine formation. As for the flavor, it is meaty and earthy with notes of caramel and pear, with a lingering finish. The Antique Gruyère received the highest rating from Luercher & Co.’s evaluation panel.

This cheese pairs beautifully with a rich white such as a domestic Chardonnay or an off-dry Gewürztraminer. A Red Bordeaux will play up on the earthy qualities in the cheese, while an Oloroso Sherry, Tawny Port or Bourbon will bring out its sweeter, caramel notes. For beer, look for a Belgian Dubbel Ale or a Bock beer, such as our December Beer Club selection. 

WINESTYLES: Rich, Mellow or Nectar
BEERSTYLES: Malty & Sweet or Fruity & Spicy

For over 160 years, Lustenberger & Dürst and their LeSuperbe brand have valued and upheld the fine art of Swiss cheese-making. This dedication to excellence is one of the reasons why they are still one of the oldest cheese maturing companies in Switzerland. Cheese specialties are produced exclusively for Lustenberger & Dürst by partner cheese dairies and are carefully matured in their aging cellars in Central or Western Switzerland. More than 8,100 tons of cheeses are produced annually – with exports to over 40 different countries worldwide – all while maintaining sustainable and environmentally friendly practices. To learn more about the company, click here.

Urnaescher-Kaese_Hornkuhkaese1Urnäscher Käse
Urnäsch, Switzerland

Made from horned Appenzell cows milk, the Hornkuhkäse is a six to eight-month-ripened whole milk cheese made in a small town of Urnäsch, Switzerland. Here, it is tradition for almost all cows to still have their horns (as opposed to the 20% in other Swiss agriculture). All milk suppliers for Urnäscher Käse are proud keepers of these horned cows; they take good care of them, and it shows. This cheese showcases flavors of a true Alpine cheese, its high fat content and its long maturing period allow the cheese to be pleasantly nutty, aromatic, roasted, creamy, slightly spicy and sharp in taste. The texture is creamy and velvety smooth, melting in your mouth. 


  • 2018 – Diploma at the Swiss Cheese Awards
  • 2021-2022 – Silver at the World Cheese Awards in Spain
  • 2016 – Vice World Champion at the World Championship Cheese Contest

Pair with a Riesling or a fruity red variety, such as a Pinot Noir or a Rhone. As for beer, look for a hard cider to complement this cheese! 

WINESTYLES: Crisp, Silky or Fruity
BEERSTYLES: Fruity & Spicy

Founded in 2007 by 37 farming families from Urnäsch and the surrounding area, the team’s mission was to process and market their milk themselves to preserve as much added value as possible in the Urnäsch region. Today, the company maintains their customs and are proud to produce and sell typical Appenzell milk and cheese specialties made from almost 100% local milk from horned cows. Learn more about their story here.

Information, Photos & Videos © Lustenberger & Dürst, LeSuperbe, Urnäscher Käse, and Zuercher & Co. – All Rights Reserved.

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