April Beer Club: Iowa

Reuss LabelBrouwerij Kerkom
(Bink de) Reuss

Reuss was the name of the first beer brewed at Kerkom in 1878. It is produced for the Bink festival. It’s a Belgium style Blonde Ale blended with Lambic. Marc Limet blends the lambic with a less bitter version of Bink Blonde (which has 38 IBUs versus 52 IBUs). 

ABV: 6.5% alcohol / volume
Style: Lambic – Gueuze

Beer Style at WineStyles: Fruity & Spicy 

Founded by Evarist Clerinx in 1878, the brewery has been passed down to trusting hands since it’s birth (with some time away when they were forced to close the brewery in 1968, like so many others). In 1988, the Jean Clerinx opened the brewery again, and it didn’t take long for the town and its surrounding areas to fall in love with their beers all over again. The farmhouse has become the road house of dreams from walkers, cyclists, beers lovers and more. Kerkom Brewery is 100% traditional and proud of it! From the hops to the Bink Beer, every step of the process is still done manually, one by one, made with love. Learn more about the brewery here, and follow them on Untappd.

Photos and information © Brouwerij Kerkom – All Rights Reserved.

Exaltée_NL_33_2018Brasserie Trois Dames

In this bière de coupage, the brewery used a blend composed of 75% fresh saison and 25% foudre aged mature sour beer. This allows the acidity, funkiness, and tropical flavors found in the aged portion to cut through the dry, bitter, young saison. The result is a bitter, dry, sour, and funky beer that is an instant classic.

ABV: 5.2% alcohol / volume
Style: Farmhouse Ale – Brett Saison

Beer Style at WineStyles: Fruity & Spicy 

Fiancee ChasselasBrasserie Trois Dames
Fiancée Chasselas

This beer is a marriage between dry saison and the Chasselas grapes found in the heart of Romandy (French-speaking area in Switzerland). For this hybrid beer, we used grapes from their friends, the 4th generation winemakers of Domaine de Boulaz in Bonvillars on the southwestern shore of Lake Neuchâtel. This beer is an invitation to gather with friends and family to share a good bottle. Naturally bottle conditioned, unfiltered, and unpasteurized. 

ABV: 5.9% alcohol / volume
Style: Dry Saison with Chasselas Grapes

Beer Style at WineStyles: Fruity & Spicy 

Founded in 2003, by Raphël Mettler, the brewery is named after three ladies at home, his wife and two daughters, thus the name “Trois Dames”. Raphaël and his team crafted beers made to surprise their consumers – both in terms of their audacity in taste and their appearance. This is a limited item beer club, as Brasserie Trois Dames decided to close their doors in September 2020. The brand is still linked to the family and will not be sold, so it can continue to be at the disposal of the three ladies for future collaborations or other projects that may come to life. Learn more about the brewery here, and follow them on Untappd.

Photos and information © Brasserie Trois Dames – All Rights Reserved.


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