It Is Rose Time!!!

Bob Bolden

I absolutely love this time of year!  Spring time, flowers, trees, plants, starting to pop….  grill’s come out, people are outside exercising….  and Rose is released!

Rose has really taken a bad rap in our country.  What is the first thing you think about when I say “Rose”?  Most people would say sweet blush wine.  Matuse anyone???  You will show your age if you know what that means….  I don’t even know if I spelled that correctly.

Did you know that the number one selling wine in France is Rose?  And it isn’t sweet, it is totally dry!!!  Some of my best wine experiences have come from a nice chilled dry rose.  We took a group to Tuscany, and at one of our vineyard visits.. the hosts, a husband and wife team greeted us with a beautiful chilled dry Sangiovese Rose!!!  The temperature was in the low 80’s at about…

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