Veteran’s Day Fundraiser Saturday, Nov 11th at 6pm

$1 donated for each glass or bottle of Purple Heart Wines to Purple Heart Foundation

Veteran’s Day Tasting Event
Saturday, November 11 at 6:00pm

WineStyles Tasting Station is proud to host a national fundraising collaboration with Purple Heart Wines ( benefiting the Purple Heart Foundation (, an organization which supports veterans in need.

We’re honored to help raise awareness and funds benefiting American heroes and their families”, says Bryan McGinness, CEO of WineStyles Tasting Station. “For every glass of Purple Heart Wine served or bottle purchased across the country, we are donating $1.00 to the Purple Heart Foundation. Our fundraising efforts will culminate with a nationwide tasting event on Veterans Day, November 11th at 6:00pm – 8:00pm.

For 50 years, the Purple Heart Foundation has been supporting and honoring the sacrifice military veterans have made for our country. Last year alone, they have helped over 19,000 veterans and secured over $300 million dollars in VA benefits.

We hope our local communities will join us in supporting this important cause. It’s a great opportunity to enjoy a wonderful wine, while supporting our military heroes at the same time,” commented Andrea McGinness, COO of WineStyles Tasting Station.

Mondavi & Family wines of Napa Valley, producer of Purple Heart Wines, makes an annual contribution of up to $50,000 to the Purple Heart Foundation, which has been used to support U.S. military servicemen and women and their families with services like job-training, counseling and more.

The head winemaker for Purple Heart Wines is John Moynier, who served in the military during the Vietnam war from 1968-1972. “Working with a brand that combines my passions for winemaking and military service is the perfect finale to a long career in winemaking in Napa” commented Moynier.

Purple Heart Wines logo

Purple Heart Wines launched its proprietary label, Purple Heart, in 2016 – created to honor the determination, bravery and commitment of America’s military heroes. Moved by its namesake, it is this noble medal that led to the creation of the Purple Heart wine – a worthy tribute to the nation’s servicemen and women. Produced in the United States’ greatest wine region – California, it is an uncompromising wine crafted under the close stewardship of C. Mondavi & Family, whose patriarch, the late Peter Mondavi Sr., was a proud veteran of World War II. Purple Heart serves as a testament to the integrity and virtue of the Purple Heart Foundation, and aims to help further the organization’s cause through both awareness and fundraising. To support these efforts, an annual donation will be given to the Purple Heart Foundation. Learn more about Purple Heart Wines at

Purple Heart Foundation logoThe Purple Heart is a congressional military decoration, awarded to members of the armed forces of the U.S. who are wounded by an instrument of war in the hands of the enemy. Founded in 1958, the Military Order of the Purple Heart is a congressional chartered veteran’s organization, dedicated to assisting the needs of U.S. military servicemen and –women and their families. More information is available at

Please join us on Saturday, November 11 at 6:00pm, as we toast our veteran’s at every WineStyles location across the USA!


Wine and Beer Boot Camp 2016

Bootcamp Classes WineStyles Tasting Station

Enlist in our Wine & Beer Boot Camp educational series in 2016. Each month, we’ll march our way through a wine and beer training educational class, a salute to all things tasty! This training will make you more confident in choosing wines and beers AND pairing food with your drinks. Best of all, the more training you complete, the more you can earn in delicious tastings!

WineStyles Boot Camp Wine and BeerYou will receive a tasting Boot Camp booklet at your first class. Upon completing each class, we will stamp your booklet, acknowledging your attendance. Keep your Boot Camp booklet and earn a stamp for each class.

The more you learn, the more rewards* you earn!Stamper


3 stamps in booklet = Free Wine Tasting for 2 people
6 stamps in booklet = Free Wine Tasting for 4 people
8 stamps in booklet = Free Wine Tasting for up to 20 people
11 stamps in booklet = Free “I Survived” Wine & Beer Boot Camp T-Shirt!

2016 WINE & BEER BOOT CAMP CLASSES:WineStyles Wine and Beer Boot Camp Series 2016

January  – Wine 101: Taste Like a Pro
February – Desserts with Wine Pairings
March  – Craft Beer 101
April  – Starting a Wine Collection
May – Cheese and Wine 101
June – all about Rose
July – Wines for Summer Grilling
August – How to Read a Wine Label
September – Exploring German Beer
October – Charcuterie and Wine 101
November – In Depth Guide to Fortified Wine

Please RSVP at your local WineStyles location. Seating space is limited, so make your reservation as soon as possible!

*Please note: Rewards may vary at different WineStyles locations. Offer void where prohibited by state or local alcohol laws. See your local WineStyles Tasting Station for details.

It Is Rose Time!!!

Bob Bolden

I absolutely love this time of year!  Spring time, flowers, trees, plants, starting to pop….  grill’s come out, people are outside exercising….  and Rose is released!

Rose has really taken a bad rap in our country.  What is the first thing you think about when I say “Rose”?  Most people would say sweet blush wine.  Matuse anyone???  You will show your age if you know what that means….  I don’t even know if I spelled that correctly.

Did you know that the number one selling wine in France is Rose?  And it isn’t sweet, it is totally dry!!!  Some of my best wine experiences have come from a nice chilled dry rose.  We took a group to Tuscany, and at one of our vineyard visits.. the hosts, a husband and wife team greeted us with a beautiful chilled dry Sangiovese Rose!!!  The temperature was in the low 80’s at about…

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The basics of enjoying wine at Home!!!

Bob Bolden

So…..  you like wine….  you order a glass when you are out for dinner.  You have your favorites that you tend to stick to, but every once in a while you get “out of the box” and try something new.  Wow, your friend said to try a “blend” and you liked it!!!  Alas. your new favorite!!!  Fast forward two weeks later, you try a couple of blends and … not so much!!  What is going on???  Do you stick with a certain grape, region, what do you do????  So, back to your “old reliables” when you stock up at the store… hey, at least you can’t count on em!!  And life continues as you know it…….  Sound like you????

Common wine

Well, time to revolutionize your wine experience!!!  There is a whole world of wine out there that you haven’t scratched the surface of!!  So lets get to the basics.  Some conditions…

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Yay!! Wine from Tuscany!!!! Learn a little… what to expect!

Bob Bolden

2011-05-15_12-54-25_823Old World Tuscany!!  One of my favorite wine regions!!  A little bit of history before we dive in to the details of what to expect.  (The pic is our group…. about ready to enjoy a meal in Ricasoli Castle!)

  • On average Italy is the world’s largest producer of wine over the last decade.
  • Italy is easily the top exporter of wine in the world
  • Tuscan wine can be traced back to the 8th century BC!!!  Do you think they know how to make vino!!!
  • Two regions within Tuscany really roar!  Brunello di Montalcino and Chianti Classico
  • Brunello is the name of the local Sangiovese grape varietal that is grown around the village of Montalcino.  Higher elevations, drier soil yield a wine that is rich and smooth… Tough to beat a Brunello!
  • Chianti Classico is the original Chianti region in central Tuscany.  Since 1996 by law, these wines must have at…

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Another Holiday…. and what do I do about wine????

Bob Bolden

Ok, here we are, Valentines day is upon us!!!  Wine seems appropriate right?  But what do you do??

My fail safe recommendation is bubbly!!!!  What better way to really emphasize that this day is different than with a nice bottle of the bubbles!  And, if you pop a bottle at an unexpected time… all the better!  For example:

  • with Valentines day landing on a Saturday, if you and your significant other are lucky enough to not have to work…. open a bottle first thing in the morning 🙂 that just screams “special”!!;
  • If you are heading to a restaurant for a meal, call ahead and either have a bottle ready or see if you can bring your own (save a little money) a drop it by in time for them to have it chilled for you!  And, as you are seated… bang here comes the surprise… how cool is that!!
  • Before…

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What To Drink On Valentine’s Day


BollingerI generally avoid holiday-related wine posts, and I do it for a number of reasons. First of all, every information source on the planet considers it to be their duty to produce some piece of writing with wine recommendations. And then for someone who drinks wine all the time, the holidays are not so much of a special occasion to have a reason to open a bottle of wine. Oh well – somehow I felt compelled to share my thoughts on the wines for the Valentine’s Day, hence this post…

Pink. Red. Extreme. Commercialized beyond belief, still increasingly so year after year. Heart-shaped to the point of insanity. There are many things which turn people away from the Valentine’s Day, and I can understand that. However, I take this holiday as an extra opportunity to celebrate love and life. All you need to do is to find your way –…

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Musical Pairings with Banfi

Great tips for Chianti …..


When it comes to stocking your wine fridge, or cellar if you’re lucky, you can and should do so with several things in mind.  You have those special occasion bottles and the duplicates for comparative purposes.  You have the obscure blend you found at your favorite store and the ones you picked up at the winery.  And then you have the others.

If you have the means and the storage, you have several bottles that are Monday wines.  Wines that you know are the old reliables.  Wines that you can open and not finish and not worry.  The wines that you can pop for any reason or no reason and not have to think about them.

Wines that qualify need to be affordable and versatile.  Maybe you buy them by the case, maybe you stock up during the semi-annual sale.  One favorite red for such purposes is Chianti.

Chianti is…

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A Type and Taste Guide from Bob Bolden, owner, Winestyles

Bob Bolden

Vino, The Bubbly or Cab, Chard and Sauv Blanc—wine has as many different nicknames as it does types, styles and tastes. And within those types are styles that have an array of exquisite flavors.

For those starting their taste trek, or even for the seasoned connoisseur, understanding various wine types, textures and flavors can feel overwhelming. I’d like to think choosing a bottle can be as easy as pouring a glass, but sometimes that’s not the case. Depending on occasion, menu items and price, searching for the right bottle can feel a bit like target practice, but with a little wineology, finding a type tailored to your taste is easy.

Do you like sweet, red wine or opt for silky whites? Or do you prefer a glass of sparkling rosé? Maybe you already have a favorite wine, but when it comes to enjoying a glass, there are endless options to…

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Hop Harvest Starts Wednesday

The hops are coming! The hops are coming!!

Rogue Farms

The 2014 Rogue Farms Big Wave Hop Harvest starts Wednesday morning here at Rogue Farms in Independence, Oregon.

From last year's harvest. John in the rows of Freedom hops, picking out what he'll use to brew Wet Hop Ale. From last year’s harvest. John in the rows of Freedom hops, picking out what he’ll use to brew Wet Hop Ale.

The first of our seven varieties we’ll pick are our Freedom hops. Don’t be surprised if you see John Maier poking through hop rows or inside the processing facility. John is using some of this year’s Freedom crop (and Yaquinas when they’re ready) to brew Wet Hop Ale. He’ll personally select the fresh cones to bring home with him to our Brewery in Newport.

We’ll picking the remaining six Rogue Farms hops over the next three of four weeks. Hard to believe that after a year of such crazy weather (drought, floods and snow), the hops are healthy, ripe and ready for picking!

So why a Big Wave Harvest?

When the…

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