The basics of enjoying wine at Home!!!

Bob Bolden

So…..  you like wine….  you order a glass when you are out for dinner.  You have your favorites that you tend to stick to, but every once in a while you get “out of the box” and try something new.  Wow, your friend said to try a “blend” and you liked it!!!  Alas. your new favorite!!!  Fast forward two weeks later, you try a couple of blends and … not so much!!  What is going on???  Do you stick with a certain grape, region, what do you do????  So, back to your “old reliables” when you stock up at the store… hey, at least you can’t count on em!!  And life continues as you know it…….  Sound like you????

Common wine

Well, time to revolutionize your wine experience!!!  There is a whole world of wine out there that you haven’t scratched the surface of!!  So lets get to the basics.  Some conditions…

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