Wine and Beer Boot Camp 2016

Bootcamp Classes WineStyles Tasting Station

Enlist in our Wine & Beer Boot Camp educational series in 2016. Each month, we’ll march our way through a wine and beer training educational class, a salute to all things tasty! This training will make you more confident in choosing wines and beers AND pairing food with your drinks. Best of all, the more training you complete, the more you can earn in delicious tastings!

WineStyles Boot Camp Wine and BeerYou will receive a tasting Boot Camp booklet at your first class. Upon completing each class, we will stamp your booklet, acknowledging your attendance. Keep your Boot Camp booklet and earn a stamp for each class.

The more you learn, the more rewards* you earn!Stamper


3 stamps in booklet = Free Wine Tasting for 2 people
6 stamps in booklet = Free Wine Tasting for 4 people
8 stamps in booklet = Free Wine Tasting for up to 20 people
11 stamps in booklet = Free “I Survived” Wine & Beer Boot Camp T-Shirt!

2016 WINE & BEER BOOT CAMP CLASSES:WineStyles Wine and Beer Boot Camp Series 2016

January  – Wine 101: Taste Like a Pro
February – Desserts with Wine Pairings
March  – Craft Beer 101
April  – Starting a Wine Collection
May – Cheese and Wine 101
June – all about Rose
July – Wines for Summer Grilling
August – How to Read a Wine Label
September – Exploring German Beer
October – Charcuterie and Wine 101
November – In Depth Guide to Fortified Wine

Please RSVP at your local WineStyles location. Seating space is limited, so make your reservation as soon as possible!

*Please note: Rewards may vary at different WineStyles locations. Offer void where prohibited by state or local alcohol laws. See your local WineStyles Tasting Station for details.

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