Another Holiday…. and what do I do about wine????

Bob Bolden

Ok, here we are, Valentines day is upon us!!!  Wine seems appropriate right?  But what do you do??

My fail safe recommendation is bubbly!!!!  What better way to really emphasize that this day is different than with a nice bottle of the bubbles!  And, if you pop a bottle at an unexpected time… all the better!  For example:

  • with Valentines day landing on a Saturday, if you and your significant other are lucky enough to not have to work…. open a bottle first thing in the morning 🙂 that just screams “special”!!;
  • If you are heading to a restaurant for a meal, call ahead and either have a bottle ready or see if you can bring your own (save a little money) a drop it by in time for them to have it chilled for you!  And, as you are seated… bang here comes the surprise… how cool is that!!
  • Before…

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