November Beer Club: Iowa

BeerClubLogosierra nevada rum barrel aged quadSierra Nevada Brewing Co.
Rum Barrel-Aged Quad
Chico, California

When beer meets barrel, incredible things happen. The passage of time and the influence of wood combine to create a final product much greater than the sum of its individual parts. Sierra Nevada’s ‘Trip in the Woods’ series is designed to highlight the complex interplay between beer and barrel. Each beer has matured in a wooden cask, originally used to age mellow spirits, the time in slumber creates rich and layered flavors unique to this difficult and hands-on process.

This classic Quad in rum barrels is a nod to the great Trappist brewers of Belgium. Deep ruby-brown in color, the beer is rich and full-bodied with the style’s familiar to dark fruit flavors, while the yeast creates a hint of spice. Rum barrels impart delicate sweetness and complexity to this beer, that can be enjoyed today or cellared for years to come.

BeerStyles: Malty & Sweet
Style: Belgian Quadrupel
ABV: 9.8% alcohol / volume
Bitterness Units: 45


Sierra Nevada shook things up in the ’80s, and it helped launch a beer revolution that’s in full force today. Ken Grossman started Sierra Nevada with a hand-built brewhouse in Chico, California with the odds stacked against him. In 1980, that patchwork of pipes, pumps and tanks began making beers that forever changed the course of American craft brewing. Since then, Sierra Nevada Brewing Company continues to push boundaries, whether that’s in the brewhouse, with sustainability, or in the great outdoors. Learn more about their story here. 


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