March Beer Club: Iowa

BeerClubLogoDrekker_Strawberry-PineappleDrekker Brewing Co.
BRAAAAAAAAins Strawberry & Pineapple
Double Fruit Smoothie Sour

Fargo, North Dakota

This one is blasted with strawberry & pineapple, and then it is hit with Drekker Brewing Co.’s double secret smoothie treatment of sea salt, lactose, and vanilla beans.

BeerStyles: Sour, Tart & Funky
Style: Sour – Smoothie / Pastry
ABV: 6.5% alcohol / volume

drekker-brewing-after-school-prrrtDrekker Brewing Co.
After School Prrrt

Fargo, North Dakota

Snack Time Sour! This one is jam packed with Gushers® & Fruit By The Foot®, plus a whole bunch of pineapple, plum, strawberry, raspberry, passionfruit, lactose, vanilla beans and sea salt.

BeerStyles: Sour, Tart & Funky
Style: Sour – Fruited
ABV: 6.8% alcohol / volume

drekker-drekker-slang-du-jour-cran-orange-cobblerDrekker Brewing Co.
Slang Du Jour – Cran-Orange Cobbler
Fargo, North Dakota

For the Cran-Orange Cobble Slang, the Drekker Brewing team cranked up the holiday vibes and loaded this with cranberry, orange, plum, granola, brown sugar, cinnamon and vanilla beans.

BeerStyles: Sour, Tart & Funky
Style: Sour – Smoothie / Pastry
ABV: 6.4% alcohol / volume

All of Drekker’s beer must be kept cold – there are no exceptions to this. Their beer is not pasteurized and often has a literal ton of fruit in them. Nobody wants them to explode.

Drekker Brewing Co. has become a pretty sought after brewery in the craft beer world, and we cannot wait for you to see why. Like most breweries, Drekker started out as a hobby in a garage between four friends. Their passion for beer, a crazy dream, and a ton of hard work eventually led to the creation of Drekker Brewing Co. Learn more about the guys behind the beers
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