May Cheese Club: Iowa

Cheese ClubHay-there-walnut-cheeseArtikaas 
Hay There
Raw Milk Gouda with Walnut & Hazelnut

Artikaas has been a family run cheesemaker in Holland for over six generations. They make Gouda as they always have — meticulously, without shortcuts, with respect for nature, and using only the best milk from family farms. The ‘Hay There’ raw milk Gouda with walnut and hazelnut has the creaminess and earthiness of a traditional, raw milk Gouda with the addictive crunch of the walnuts and hazelnuts. This nut-flecked cheese is beautiful to look at and a real treat for your senses – combining smooth and crunch, with nutty and sweet.

Flavor Profile: Aged for 60 days – creamy, earthy and nutty
Serving Recommendation: Perfect for snacking, on a cheese board, or on a dessert cheese plate

Pairs well with a fruity red wine or a silky white wine, such as our May Primary White Wine Club wine, Casas del Toqui Barrel Series Semillón. For beer, look for something crisp, such as a Pilsner.

WINESTYLES: Fruity and Silky
BEERSTYLES: Crisp and Clean

honey-bee-goat-cheeseHoney Bee
Goat Cheese

The Honey Bee Goat Milk Gouda is made by drizzling a bit of honey into pure goat milk. This creates a cashew-like, nutty flavor with a hint of caramel and a sweet warmth to lock in those sticky undertones. 

Flavor Profile: Aged for 6 months – slightly sweet, not too strong or salty
Serving Recommendation: Slice, grate or cube. Wonderful in salads or as a snack with fruit.

Serve with a crisp white wine or for beer, grab a crisp and clean pilsner or lager.

BEERSTYLES: Crisp & Clean

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