November Cheese Club: Iowa

Cheese ClubParmigiano_ReggianoG. Cravero
Parmigiano Reggiano

Bra, Italy

This cheese is unlike your typical parmesan. It’s smooth, creamy, lush, sweet, buttery, aromatic, fruity and mouthwatering. Because it is so unique, this cheese is recommended to served alone, or as the star of your cheese board – not to be grated atop your dishes.  

This cheese pairs beautifully with a glass of Prosecco. It will also pair well with any of the wines from our November Wine Club Selections. For beer, look for a light Pilsner or Lager. 

WINESTYLES: Bold, Mellow or Silky
BEERSTYLES: Crisp & Clean

Founded in 1855 by Giorgio Cravero, the Cravero family have been carefully selecting and maturing the very best Parmigiano Reggiano in their own cheese caves in Bra, Piedmont, Italy. For the past five generations, the traditions have been passed down from father to son, each perfecting the craft of cheese aging. Today, their cheese is packed up and shipped out to more than 20 different countries across the globe.

The Cravero family works with a select group of small-scale producers in the Tuscan Emilian Apennine region to buy their cheese; it’s this local pasture and forage that lends the milk to be so creamy, soft and subtly sweet.  After the selected cheeses have been aged for about 12 months, they are brought to the Cravero maturing rooms in Bra, where the magic really starts to happen. From here, the team pays close attention to the changing seasons for the next 24 months to guarantee the unique nature of their product.

In June of 2022, we (owners, Bryan and Andrea McGinness, a few of our WineStyles guests, and myself) had the opportunity to tour Cravero’s facility during our trip to Northern Italy with Cheese Journeys. We met with the current owner, Giorgio Cravero (the third Giorgio since 1855), who showed us around, what he considered to be, his small family business. Their twenty-foot high aging rooms (or caves), house around 5,000 wheels of cheese – a capacity that seemed daunting to us, however, Cravero explained to be “tiny” in comparison to other affineurs (someone who practices the art of caring for, ripening and aging the cheese). Learn more about their family history here.

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