April Cheese Club: Iowa

Cheese Clubmahon-cheeseBonvallis 
Mahón Semi-Cured Cheese
Menora, Spain

Named after the port of Mahón on the Minorca (or Menorca) Island in Spain, this cow’s milk cheese is produced by various small farmers organized in a cooperative. This semi-hard artisan cheese is pale yellow in color and has a nutty and sweet aroma. It is buttery, fruity, sharp and salty in taste. During maturation, the cheese is hand rubbed with butter, paprika and olive oil to give it its traditional orange exterior. The Mahón cheese is sold at different ages ranging from 2 months to 10 months. This cheese was awarded with Bronze and Silver medals at the 2014 and 2011 World Cheese Awards.

Pairs well with this month’s Wine Club wines, or enjoy with a FRUITY Tempranillo or Rioja; or a SILKY Albariño wine. Enjoy with craft beers that are crisp, such as a Pale Ale or a Cider.

WINESTYLES: Fruity or Silky
BEERSTYLES: Crisp and Clean

Spaniards call this a table cheese because it is versatile with almost all foods. It can be served alone as an appetizer or dessert, or with fresh fruit and nuts on a cheese board. It also can be melted beautifully to give life to sandwiches or burgers.

Idiazabal Smoked Cheese
Northern Spain

Named after the village of Idiazabal, this Smoked Cheese is a traditional farmhouse hard cheese made from raw sheep’s milk in the Basque and Navarra regions or Northern Spain. In the old days, the Basque shepherds lived in small mountain huts, and could only age their cheeses within their stone chimneys – giving the cheese its traditional smokey flavor. Today, the cheese is produced in more modern ways, however, the process is still all-natural to give the cheese it’s smokiness – usually slowly ripened and naturally smoked with beech or cherry wood. Its compact texture and smokey flavor are reminiscent of burnt caramel and bacon. The cheese has a vibrant bouquet of aromas with rich, buttery flavors on the palate. 

Serve with any of this month’s wine club wines, or enjoy with a FRUITY Tempranillo or Rioja, or with a SILKY or RICH Chardonnay. For beer, enjoy with a crisp Pale Ale.

WINESTYLES: Fruity, Silky, or Rich
BEERSTYLES: Crisp & Clean

Enjoy with thinly sliced, fresh bread or melt in the oven as a complement for grilled meats, salads or as a key part of an elegant meal.

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