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Malus-Danica-375-bottleCold Hand Winery
2015 Malus Danica 375 ml
Iced Cider / Apple Wine

Malus Danica perfectly balances the wonderful aroma, sweetness and acidity of apples. The aroma of honey, sweet applesauce and fresh apple peel pours out of the glass, and the taste is fresh and rich.

ABV: 8.7-9% alcohol / volume
Style: Cider / Apple Ice-Wine

Beer Style at WineStyles: Fruity & Spicy
Recommended Pairings: Enjoy with cheeses, desserts, or as a treat in itself. It is also very good for fatty dishes such as foie gras and rillette. 

Malus Danica is produced using the cryo-concentration method. It contains Danish apple varieties: Ingrid Marie, Filippa, Elstar, Jonagold and Belle de Boskoop. Each apple variety was picked at optimum ripeness, is immediately pressed into must after harvest and frozen immediately afterwards. The must is then dried outside at sub-zero temperatures, where the frost binds the water in the must, while sugar, acid, aroma and color drip off like thick raw syrup. After thawing, the concentrated “apple syrup” is slowly cold-fermented for 18 months into an intense wine, and finally aged for 3 months in barrique. This is the winery’s flagship that started their “Cold Hand Fruit” wine adventure.

“Cryo-concentrating gives us cold hands to that extent, but the technique is nevertheless the basic substance in all our apple, pear and quince wines. With this technique, we can extract the aroma, the towering sugar content and preserve the intense acidity from the fruit in our wines.” – Cold Hand Winery

Located out in the countryside between Rangers and Viborg, Cold Hand Winery is surrounded by an apple orchard and picturesque fields. Here, the winery continues to experiment with new tones and flavors of apples, pears, cherries, blackcurrants, currants, rhubarb, quinces, plums and blackberries to bring you closer to the world’s best fruit wine. Their fruit wine adventure is based on a “down-to-earth-ness”, curiosity and a a desire to share the good story. Learn more about the winery here, and follow them on Untappd.

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