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Sweet Wine ClubSchlink_Haus_Kabinett_bottleSchlink Haus
Riesling Kabinett
Nahe, Germany


The Kabinett is the lightest style of Riesling, ranging from dry to off-dry. This wine is delicately sweet and refreshingly brisk.

Varietal: Riesling
11.5% alcohol / volume
Sugar: 26.5 g/L
Acidity: 8.2 g/L
Quality Category: Quality wine with predicate
Style: Semi-sweet
Serving Temperature: 50ºF-53.6ºF
Critical Acclaim: Wine Enthusiast – Top 100 Best Buys of 2019

Schlink_Haus_Spatlese_bottleSchlink Haus
Riesling Spätlese
Nahe, Germany


Spätlese means “late harvest”. This easy-drinking wine is medium sweet in style while balanced by acidity. It carries hints of earthy minerality on the finish.

Varietal: 100% Riesling
9.5-11.5% alcohol / volume
Sugar: 45-50 g/L
Acidity: 5-5.5 g/L
Age of Vines: 3-30 years
Soil: Loamy, sandy and slate
Fermentation Time: 8 weeks
Temperature Range: Cold Fermentation
Fermentation Container: Stainless steel
Critical Acclaim:
Wine Enthusiast – Top 100 Best Buys of 2021

WineStyles’ Wine and Cheese Pairing: These sweet wines from our ‘Nectar’ section will pair well with a soft cheese, such as a brie. Learn more about our wine and cheese pairings here.

Founded in 1886 by Josef Barthelmeh, the Schlink family is now on its fifth generation of winemaking. The family has produced the blue bottle Riesling for over 200 years (well before any commercial opportunity was created) in Nahe, Germany – located between Mosel and Rhein, it is one of the smaller wine regions in all of Germany. Blessed with an extraordinary range of soil types in this region, including the entire rock cycle of igneous (volcanic), sedimentary (sandstone, clay, limestone), and metamorphic (slate) rocks. This landscape of vineyards, orchards and meadows is intercepted with cliffs and striking geological formations. Learn more here. >

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