June Bubbly Club: Iowa

Zeit Pet NatZeit
Gelber Muskateller / Riesling


The lush aromatics of the Gelber Muskateller (Muscat Blanc à Petits Grains) grapes are supported by the acidic backbone of the Riesling grapes and the vivacious fizz, making for a highly drinkable final product.  

Varietal: 50% Gelber Muskateller, 50% Riesling
Vineyard: Loess. Estate-owned, bio-dynamically grown vines
Grapes are hand-harvested and macerated on skins for 5 hours, then pressed and spontaneously fermented in tanks. While the fermentation is still going, the wine is bottled under crown caps to finish as pet-nat. It is released after 5 months on its fine lees, without fining or filtration. There is no sulfur added.

Zeit (meaning “Time” in German) was inspired by the slowly passing of time in the unusual year of 2020 and the Bauhaus-inspired label was designed by Toni Silver, an Austrian artist.  Zeit is an Austrian winery owned and operated by Karl Fritsch and Weingut Fritsch made exclusively under the Jenny & Francois label. Located in the Wagram area, about 40 miles west of Vienna, Karl turned the historical family estate bio-dynamic in 2006 to preserve and respect the terroir. The winery is a founding member of Respekt Biodyn, an association of leading Austrian and German growers who share the biodynamic cultivation philosophy. Karl believes his role as a winemaker is to create a positive influence on the vines so that he can continue to showcase the beautiful and natural gifts these old sites provide. Karl states, “Continuing to improve these conditions has a direct effect on the terroir and therefore the taste and character of the wine.”  Learn more about their history here.

sekt-sparkling-rose-300x1000Huber Winery
Sparkling Rosé NV
Zweigelt / Pinot Noir


This Sparkling Rosé is light salmon in color with reddish-gold play of light. It has a fine, persistent mousseux, with a delicate, fresh and very animated nose. On the palate, there are notes of fruit and spice with hints of fresh cherries, forest berries and a sophisticated note of citrus. It is dry, fruit-driven, yet creamy on the palate. The wine is finely woven with elegant acidity and mineral extract, making for a very harmonious structure.

Varietal: Zweigelt and Pinot Noir
Analysis: 12.0% alcohol / volume
Acidity: 6.5 g/L
Sugar: 17 g/L, dry
Harvested from single vineyards in the Traisental Region
Vinification: Crushed, 6 hours skin contact; temperature controlled fermentation at 66.2ºF; and 4 months of lees contact.
Serving Suggestion:
Serve cool (48.2ºF-50ºF). Pairs well with white meat, such as chicken, turkey and grilled fish

Markus Huber_Huber Winery

© Winemaker, Markus Huber

The family-run winery of Markus Huber showcasing premium wines from Austria. The family’s highest priority is to work without compromising the vineyards. The vineyards are cultivated according to organic guidelines and the entire winery is certified according to the “Sustainable Austria” criteria. Markus’ distinctive, top-quality wines are full of character, clear in style and site-related minerality to serve as an example of the very best of the Traisental Valley. As a young winemaker, Markus has already won numerous national and international awards. Learn more about his story here.


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