June Cheese Club: Iowa

Cheese ClubBeehive Queen Bee PorciniBeehive Cheese 
Queen Bee Porcini Cheddar
Uintah, Utah

The rind of this rich and creamy Utah cheddar is hand-rubbed with Porcini mushrooms, imparting an earthy, umami notes throughout the paste of the cheese. On the palate, you can expect all the creaminess of the Beehive Cheese’s award-winning Promontory cheddar to be combined with savory notes from the Porcini mushrooms.

world-cheese-awardProduction: Regalis Porcini mushrooms are pulverized into a fine power, rubbed on the rind of the cheese, and then aged. During the aging process, the earthy flavors permeate throughout the 20-pound wheel of cheese and marry beautifully with the natural sweetness of the cheddar.
The Gist: Aged for 6-8 months; Vegetarian Rennet; Cow’s Milk
Serving Recommendation: Salami, assortment of pickled/brined veggies or olives. It has superb melting capabilities, perfect for risotto or mac and cheese.
Super Gold WCA 2021, 2022

Pairs well with a Sangiovese or Pinot Noir, such as our June Wine Club – La Montage Pinot Noir. For beer, reach for an American Pale Ale.

BEERSTYLES: Crisp and Clean

Beehive Cheese TeahiveBeehive Cheese
Teahive Cheddar
Uintah, Utah

This Utah cheddar rubbed with Earl Grey is a “feel good” cheese. The soothing qualities of tea and the relaxing properties of bergamot combine to produce a lovely cheese with rich fragrances of orange blossoms. On the palate, it is sweet and creamy. This Jersey cow’s milk cheese immediately delights the palate and the complexities of the tea-rubbed rind continue through the finish.

Silver World Cheese AwardThe Gist: Aged for 6-8months; Vegetarian rennet; Cow’s milk; Gluten-friendly product; Organic, non-GMO ingredients in the rub
Serving Recommendation: Pair with stone fruits, berries, charcuterie, toasted nuts, or top with honey or jam. This cheese is perfect on scones, baked into shortbread biscuits, or sliced on a sandwich.

  • 1st ACS 2012
  • Silver WCA 2017, 2018, 2019
  • 2nd ACS 2015
  • 2nd IMPA 2018
  • 2nd British Empire Cheese Competition 2018

Serve with a fruit forward red wine, or a Chardonnay, such as our June Wine Club – M by Martellotto Chardonnay. For beer, reach for a stout, mead or cider.

WINESTYLES: Fruity or Rich
BEERSTYLES: Malty & Sweet; Crisp & Clean or Fruity & Spicy

In 2005, Tim Welsh and his brother-in-law, Pat Ford, had a vision of opening a creamery in the mountains of Northern Utah. With no more than eight days of cheesemaking experience between the two of them when they first began, the two broke tradition without even realizing it. They enjoyed the freedom to experiment and created their own rules about what artisan cheese could be. With their families by their sides, they built a company grounded in independent thinking, connectedness, and authenticity. They partnered with some of the best cheese researchers and creameries the western U.S. had to offer. Today, Beehive Cheese continues to produce award-winning cheeses that bring family and friends together. Learn more about their story here.

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