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mister-falcon-beer-canBeerClubLogoFair State Brewing Cooperative
Mister Falcon
Hazy IPA
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Made in collaboration with Barrel Theory Brewing, who are well-known for making hazy IPAs, Mister Falcon is DDH Hazy IPA with Strata, Citra and Simcoe Cryo hops. A nice balance of fruity and dank, sweet but not overbearing, low bitterness.

BeerStyles: Hoppy & Bitter
Style: Hazy IPA
ABV: 7.3% alcohol / volume

Fair State Brewing Cooperative started on the rugby pitch, where founders Evan Sallee, Niko Tonks, and Matt Hauck first met while playing for rival teams. Later, they formed a friendship and took their love of home-brewing to a greater goal of founding a brewery. The friends believed there was too large of a gap between home-brewer and owning a brewery, and thus decided to build a co-op model to allow consumers to be more involved in operations. On September of 2014, First State Co-Op became the first cooperatively-owned brewery in Minnesota and the third in the country. Learn more about the brewery here, and follow them on Untappd.

ology-power-hour-beer-canÖlōgy Brewing Co.
Power Hour
Tallahassee, Florida

Power Hour is a Hazy Double IPA brewed in collaboration with Southern Wells Brewing Co. Ölōgy wanted to work with a new experimental curo hop blend along with “M” blend, named for its mango and tropical aroma and palate. Ölōgy blended this with Citra and a small amount of Sabro to give this IPA a huge flavor of tropical fruits and citrus.

BeerStyles: Hoppy & Bitter
Style: Hazy Double IPA
ABV: 8% alcohol / volume

Ölōgy Brewing Co. is a Micro Brewery located in the Midtown and Eastside areas of Tallahassee, Florida. They are taproom focused to keep a variety of unique and different beers on tap. Follow them on Untappd here.

artisanal-brew-works-peanut-butter-beerArtisanal Brew Works
Multiple Infinities Peanut Butter
Saratoga Springs, New York

Luscious milk chocolate oatmeal Stout aged on freshly roasted cacao nibs, then finished to taste with peanut butter. This creamy Stout is a decadent treat with a galaxy of flavor.

BeerStyles: Dark & Roasty
Style: Stout
ABV: 9% alcohol / volume

Artisanal Brew Works is an artisanal style beer microbrewery located in Saratoga Springs, New York, owned and operated by High School Teachers, Kurt Borchardt and Colin Quinn. Their goal is to produce a selection of beers that appeal to different segments of the market, while also creating for the most discerning craft beer enthusiasts. Learn more about the brewery here, and follow them on Untappd.

Humble-Forager-Mixing-back-labelHumble Forager
Mixing with Barrel Theory
Imperial Tiki Sour Ale
Madison, Wisconsin

Zombie cocktail inspired Imperial Tiki Sour Ale.  Brewed with passionfruit and orange juice mixed with a tincture of almonds and a special blend of spices, sweetened by pomegranate, balanced by acidity and bitterness from Calamansi lime.  Brewed in collaboration with Barrel Theory Brewing Company in St. Paul, Minnesota.

BeerStyles: Sour, Tart & Funky
Style: Imperial Tiki Sour Ale
ABV: 10% alcohol / volume

Located just outside of Madison, Wisconsin, Humble Forager Brewery is a distribution brewery created by their head brewer, Austin Jevne. Their mission is to produce thoughtfully crafted specialty beers developed for any adventure. They use high quality ingredients inspired from different parts of the world. Learn more about the brewery
here, and follow them on Untappd.


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