December Sweet Club: Iowa

Sweet Wine ClubChocolate bar wine bottleSan Antonio Winery
Chocolate Bar Chocolate Port


This full-flavored chocolate port was hand crafted for those who love two of the best delights in the world: chocolate and port. Designed for the aficionados of dessert wine and rich chocolate, this port-style wine is a very sophisticated infusion. Enjoy this wine after dinner with dried fruits, nuts, and all types of chocolate.

Analysis: 18% alcohol / volume
Residual Sugar: 70 g/L

Food Pairing Recommendations: Try it with dried apricots and cherries, chocolate-covered strawberries, pecan pie or anything chocolate. 

With over 100 years of winemaking, San Antonio Winery is the oldest and largest producing winery in Los Angeles – making it an essential component of the city’s cultural and historical landscape. The winery still sits on its original location on Lamar Street, and it is the last vestige of the rich winemaking tradition in greater Los Angeles. Learn more about the winery here.

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Stella Rosa Cranberry wine bottleStella Rosa®️ Wines
Piedmont, Italy


A little tart and a little tangy, it can’t get better than that! This refreshing wine reveals a vibrant blush color and is combined with the natural cranberry flavor. It is lively with the perfect blend of sweet and tangy. Give yourself a little boost in your day with this semi-sparkling wine. Serve with fresh fruit, cheese, spicy cuisine, and desserts.

Region: Piedmont, Italy
Analysis: 5% alcohol / volume

Food Pairing Recommendations: This flavor pairs wonderfully with roasted herb butter potatoes, honey glazed BBQ chicken, Arugula salad with apples and walnuts, brie and green apple grilled cheese or cranberry pie.

It all started in 1917, when the Riboli family founded Los Angeles’ historic San Antonio Winery. Back then, Los Angeles was the prime location for wine growing in all of California. For some time, the wine industry reigned as one of Southern California’s most economically significant and popular industries of that time. After surviving Prohibition and about a century later, the Riboli family has continued its artisan winemaking tradition through four generations. From within the tasting rooms of San Antonio Winery, customers repeatedly requested a sweeter, light, refreshing wine. The Riboli family took this unique opportunity to create a new semi-sweet, semi-sparkling wine style, which today, they are a leader of. And so, Stella Rosa was born. Learn more here.

To create the Stella Rosa wines, their family chose the region of Asti, a province in Piedmont, Italy, as the source for its aromatic grapes. The area of Asti has particular significance to the Riboli family, as it is the birthplace of their family matriarch, Maddalena Riboli. Their first Stella Rosa wine was Moscato D’Asti, which has become a flagship of their line. Soon after, Stella Rosa Rosso was created – the brand’s first semi-sweet, semi-sparkling red wine blend, and first wine of its kind to be brought to America from Asti. The rapid phenomenal successes of these two wines began the lineage of Stella Rosa, which now boasts over 20 distinctive flavors.

WineStyles’ Wine and Cheese Pairing: These sweet wines from our ‘Nectar’ section will pair well with a soft cheese, such as a brie. Learn more about our wine and cheese pairings here.

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December Sweet Club Iowa


Sweet Wine Clubpiquitos moscato sweet wine clubPiquitos
D.O. Valencia, Spain


A fizzy moscato dedicated to wine lovers without complexes looking for fun and to get a party started.

This Moscato is bright lemon-gold in color with a light pearliness in its appearance. The nose is clean and youthful with heavy floral and fruity notes of mandarin peel, honeysuckle and sweet orange blossom. The palate has a sweetness that coats the mouth, then refreshes itself with the airy bubbles. It is luscious and harmoniously balanced.

Analysis: 11% alcohol / volume
Varietal: 100% Moscatel
TA: 5.47 g/L
pH: 3.23
RS: 51.2 g/L
V. Acidity: 0.15 g/L
Region: D.O. Valencia, Spain
Valley Valentino & Alto Turia in the heart of Valencia
Age of Vines: 15-20 year-old vines
Yield: 50 hl/ha
Altitude: 200-650 m.
Climate: Warm Mediterranean
Harvest: First fortnight of September
Vinification: Cold Maceration
Fermentation: 53.6-60.8ºF
Aging: Stainless Steel

WineStyles Wine and Cheese Pairing: Sweet wines from our ‘Nectar’ section pair well with an aged cheese. Learn more about our wine and cheese pairings here.

Piquitos is intended to mean “little kisses” in Spanish, as their wines are designed to share their love. Sourced from sunny Mediterranean Coast in Valencia, Spain, Piquitos is made by the team from Hammeken Cellars – an innovative producer and exporter of Spanish wines. Their philosophy is to gather the best local grapes and traditions in Spain and pair those with the “New World” winemaking techniques and styles to produce high quality, fruit forward and fresh wines. Learn more about their company here.

Tintero moscato wineCantine Elvio Tintero
Moscato d’Asti ‘Sori Gramella’
Piedmont, Italy


Delightfully fizzy and slightly sweet, an irresistible combination.

The third generation Tintero family continues the traditions of winemaking in Gramella. “Sori” in Piedmontese indicates the south-facing slope of a hill, that pampers the grapes with 20% more sunshine. Cantine Elvio Tintero are the only producers to sustainable farm and commercially bottle from this striking single-vineyard, limestone amphitheater. Vines were planted in the late 1980’s. Grapes are harvested and pressed, then kept at low temperatures in stainless steel tanks to provide the freshest wine possible.

Analysis: 7% alcohol / volume
Varietal: Moscato

Appellation: Moscato d’Asti, Langhe
RS: 110 g/L
Vine Age: Average 30 years
Soil Type: Clay, limestone with rocks
Vineyard Area: 25 hectares
Producer: Marco Tintero
Founded: 1900
Annual Production: 41,000 cases
Farming: Sustainable

WineStyles Wine and Cheese Pairing: Sweet wines from our ‘Nectar’ section also pair well with an herbal cheese. Learn more about our wine and cheese pairings here.

The winery’s legacy began in 1900 when a Frenchman named Pierre Tintero set out to Piedmont in search of work. Here, he found a job helping a widow, Rosina Cortese with her small estate, and just a few years later the couple fell in love, married and continued to grow their estate. Passed down from generation to generation, the family eventually took over the adjacent vineyard plots and began growing a small production of Moscato. It wasn’t until 1980, when grandson, Elvio, began experimenting with frizzante wine production, allowing the family to take advantage of the grape’s special affinity to the local terroir. Today, Elvio help’s his son and daughter-in-law run the estate producing fresh, easy and fun wines to drink with friends. Learn more about their story

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December Sweet Club

Sweet Wine ClubKiona Red Mountain Ice WineKiona Vineyards
Chenin Blanc Ice Wine
Red Mountain AVA


While the Red Mountain AVA is known for big, powerful red wine, it’s also an exceedingly good place to grow white varietals. The Kiona Estate Vineyard has four acres of Chenin Blanc planted in a depression, ensuring a consistent freeze year-in, year-out. We don’t pick Ice Wine until the grapes are naturally frozen in the vineyard, typically picking in the early morning hours before the sun rises.

Ice Wine is one of the world’s most elusive and delicious elixirs. Kiona prefers to use Chenin Blanc, a varietal that allows for robust acidity and intense green and tropical fruit flavors. Kiona’s philosophy with this wine is to emphasize acidity over outright sweetness, a tactic that ensures a balanced, crisp wine that dances on the tongue.

Food Pairing Recommendations: Ideal with fruit desserts, including pastries and tarts.

WineStyles’ Wine and Cheese Pairing: Sweet wines from our ‘Nectar’ section pair well with an herbal cheese, such as a gorgonzola. Learn more about our wine and cheese pairings here.

9% alcohol / volume
pH: 3.26
8.63 g/L
Residual Sugars: 175 g/L
Vineyard Source: 100% Kiona Estate, Red Mountain, Washington
Vineyard Blocks Planted: 1976, 1983
Varietal Composition: 100% Chenin Blanc
Winemaking: 100% Stainless, 31.3º Brix @ Harvest

PRODUCTION: Heat accumulation tracked slightly behind the previous vintage on Red Mountain. Bloom occurred slightly ahead of historical averages, and during ideal weather conditions. Crop loads were heavy going into the summer, resulting in the need to perform additional thinning. Weather during harvest (September-October) was ideal. It’s a stellar high acid and high sugar vintage.

Photo by John Vitale of Washington Tasting

Photo by John Vitale of Washington Tasting Room Magazine

While Red Mountain is known for big, powerful red wines, it’s also an exceedingly good place to grow white varietals. The Kiona Estate vineyard has four acres of Chenin Blanc planted in a depression, increasing the likelihood that we are able to produce Ice Wine. They don’t pick the grapes until they are naturally frozen in the vineyard, a process that concentrates the sugar and flavor to unprecedented levels.

In 1975 John Williams and Jim Holmes’ families planted the first vineyard on Red Mountain, an area now known for producing some of the world’s most powerful, opulent wines of distinction. For three generations their families have worked side by side, hand in hand to craft exciting, vineyard-driven wines that capture the essence of Red Mountain. Learn more about Kiona Vineyards here.

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